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Zodiacs Motorcycle Club...Kansas City, MO.

The Zodiacs Motorcycle Club Has Established 33 Years Of Brotherhood, Perseverance And Pride!

The Zodiacs Motorcycle Club would like to acknowledge founding members Wilbert Neal and Dallas Thibodeaux! Thanks for all your dedication and hard work to make and keep the Zodiacs Motorcycle Club in existence! A very special thanks to every Zodiacs member either active or non active for being a part of a truly awesome organization!  33 years of Kansas City biker history.

The Beginning Of The Zodiacs Motorcycle Club...

On August 27, 1973...Harold O'Field, Percy Jones, Dallas Thibodeaux, Ulysses Wimbush, Wilbert Neal, Ernie Carson, Reggie Banks, Ed Smith, Terrell McKinney, Oscar Wright, George Washington, Gene Buckner, Curtiss Bates and Roy Everage came together to establish a motorcycle club icon in Kansas City, Missouri and now nationally as the Zodiacs Motorcycle Club!

These fourteen founding members shared a interest in developing brotherhood, community involvement and a love for motorcycling.

The Zodiacs Clubhouse facility is located on the block of the nationally renowned 18th & Vine St. in the Historical Jazz District. The community of Kansas City embraced and acknowledged the accomplishments of the Zodiacs Motorcycle Club by presenting the organization with a Proclaimation by former Kansas City, Missouri Mayor and now State Representative Emanuel Cleaver II in July of 1993. The Zodiacs Motorcycle Club is also a Life Member of the NAACP and has given numerous donations to youth groups or to high school seniors to further their education. The Zodiacs Motorcycle Club has been presented with various awards of recognition and participation trophies due to working together and positive leadership.

There have been various individuals who were inspired to be a Zodiacs member and even became prospects, but it takes a unique and deserving person to wear the colors of a Zodiacs M/C member. The Zodiacs Motorcycle Club also has a chapter in Atlanta, Georgia. The President of the Atlanta Chapter is Rozell Nunn, Jr. who is also the National Bikers Roundup Co-Chairman.

In the winter of 1977, the Zodiacs M/C, the Vultures M/C and the Crusaders M/C both from the Kansas side along with various other Black motorcycle clubs came together. A building across from one of the above mentioned Kansas motorcycle clubs was chosen to establish the first Bikers Roundup indoors where the seed was planted for the first National Bikers Roundup which was held outside in Omaha, NE. in the summer of 1977.

The members of the Zodiacs Motorcycle Club, since the beginning of the first National Bikers Roundup have pledged to continue this annual event and make it better every year in a variety of ways. Billy Walker of the Zodiacs Motorcycle Club is the Chairman of the National Bikers Roundup.

The National Bikers Roundup has been held every year since that historical meeting in 1977 in different states and then returns back home to Kansas City, Missouri every 10 years. The National Bikers Roundup Homecoming will be in 2007 and is always held during the first full weekend in August. 

Click on the motorcycle above or on the trike below to learn more on the history of the National Bikers Roundup and any current updates on the NBR Website!

The Current List of Zodiacs Officers And Members

National President - Wilbert Neal
President - Conrad Poindexter
Vice President - Kent Byers
Secretary - Frederick D. Murrell III (email:
Treasurer - Drew Cason
Sergeant-At-Arms - Booker Walker
Road Captain - Carl Chriswell
Parliamentarian - Frederick D. Murrell III
Chaplain - Fred Hall

Dallas Thibodeaux / NBR Board Member     Ronnie Boles             

Wilbert Neal / NBR Board Member                Conrad Poindexter / Big Pard

Robert Harris / Po Bo                                        Larry Harris / Wolf / NBR Secretary

Hank Vaughn / Breadman                                Kent Byers

Vertie Gause / Dirty Bird                                   Beric Walker

Billy Walker / Still Bill - NBR Chairman   Frederick D. Murrell III - Fred 3 NBR Rep.

Booker Walker / Two Book                              Homer Johnson / Jay

Arthur Lamaster Jr. / Lo Dog                           

Drew Cason                                                         Gerald Powell / JP

Terry Stricklen / Strick                                      Carl Chriswell / Boonie

Fred Hall / Sarge                                                James Aldridge / T-Man

Robert Hampton / Jr. Pro / Honorary    Gary Allen Moore / Gam / Honorary

Leon Brown / Chops / Honorary                    Delano Palmer / Prospect Sweet

                                                                              Aaron Ward / Prospect Ward

Zodiac's Clubhouse Facility - (816) 842-9128
1825 Vine St.
Kansas City, Missouri 64108

All Zodiac members of the Kansas City, MO. Chapter are not shown in this picture taken at the Crown Royal M/C (St. Louis, MO.) Spring Dance in June 2004.

Zodiacs 2006 Activities...

December 31st, 2006 - The Zodiacs New Years Eve Party Dance will be held at the Zodiacs Clubhouse, 1825 Vine St., Kansas City, MO. 

The Zodiacs Motorcycle Club 2007 Activity Calendar!

 Zodiacs Spring Breakout Dance  April 28th, 2007 / Clubhouse

Zodiacs Bike & Car Show June 16th, 2007 / Clubhouse

The National Bikers Roundup  July 31st to August 5th, 2007 in the Heart of America... Kansas City, Missouri! Our 30th Anniversary!

Contact a Zodiacs member or the Zodiacs Clubhouse for information on any of the above listed activities! Also rent the Zodiacs Clubhouse Facility for your next event. Pickup a application or call (816) 842-9128.

For correspondence with the Zodiacs Motorcycle Club contact  Frederick D. Murrell III (Secretary) email: 816-590-5445 or Conrad Poindexter (President) 816 842-9128

May your skies be blue with plenty of green lights for a safe ride!

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